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Solvay Solexis Fomblin® Y-Vac3 PFPE Greases

Note Click here for more information on the Klüber Fomblin YVAC 3.

Fomblin®Y-VAC 3 is a homogeneous white grease particularly suitable for use as a lubricant of mechanical parts operating at high vacuum and in contact with aggressive chemicals or oxygen. Fomblin® Y-VAC 3 is used in "lubricating for life" applications; its lubricating preperties make it suitable for parts requireing boundary (extreme pressure) lubricating properties. It's welding point, in Shell four ball EP tests, is 620 Kg. Fomblin® Y-VAC 3 can be used to lubricate mechanical parts subjected to high thermo-mechanical stress. Fomblin® Y-VAC 3 can be used for long periods of time, and at very high operating temperatures (from -20°C to 200°C) and is therefore widely used in the manufacturing, aeronautical and electromechanical industries.

Based on low vapor pressure PFPE fluid (5 x 10-13 @ 20° C) thickened with a new grade of tetrafluoroethylene telomer.


  • High vacuum seal and lubricant
  • Outstanding chemical and thermo-oxidative stability
  • Lubrication of components subjected to high thermo-mechanical stress

Specifications Table

NLGI Class3
Vapor Pressure (Torr)20°C (Torr): 5x10-13
100°C (Torr): 5x10-8
Kinematic Viscosity (cSt)@ 20°C: 1500
Temperature Range-20 to +250 (°C)
Viscosity Index
(ASTM D2270)
Penetration(worked 60 strokes)
@ 25 °C (mm/10): 240
Oil Separation (FTMS 791-321)@ 204 °C, 30 h (%): 8
Weight Loss (ASTM D 2595)@ 204°C, 22 h(%): 0.3
(ASTM D 891)
@ 20 °C (g/cm3): 2
Speedy Factor (dm.n)150,000

General Properties

Fomblin® greases are homogenous, white, thick and particularly resistance to oxidation and to chemical agents. Further, they are compatible with all types of material (glass, metals, elastomers, plastics, ceramics) and their properties remain unaltered over wide temperature ranges. Fomblin® greases can be used in the presence of water, oils, vapor and, in general, with all organic substances and solvents which are not highly fluorinated, without being removed, dissolved or modified in any way.

Standard Properties of Fomblin® Grease

Thermal stability: Fomblin® greases have dropping points above 300°C and can be used at high temperatures and in oxidizing conditions.

Chemical resistance: Fomblin® greases are inert and do not react even at high temperature with fuels, acids, inorganic alkalis, halogens, fuming nitric acid and oxidizing solutions.

Lubricating properties: Shell Four Ball EP tests results.

Solubility / wash-out: Fomblin® greases are stable, do not emulsify with water, and are resistant to all solvents except highly fluorinated solvents. Therefore Delifrene LS (1, 1, 3 Trichlorotrifluoroethane) and Galden SV, can be used to clean surfaces lubricated with Fomblin greases.

Oxygen compatibility: Bundesanstalt fur Materialpfufung, Berlin (BAM), has approved the use of Fomblin® fluids and greases in the presence of oxygen. Furthermore the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Naval Ship Engineering Center of the US Navy have both approved the use of Fomblin® fluids and greases in liquid oxygen applications.

Compatibility with metals and strctural materials: Fomblin® greases are compatible with all types of polymersm plastomers and elastomers. During tests over one month at 20°C none of these materials (nitrile, butyl, polyfluorosiloxane, EPDM rubber) revealed swelling, mechanical or physical alterations. Melamine, phenolic, polyoxymethylene, polyoleofin resins are not altered after contact with Fomblin® greases for one month at 100°C. Fomblin® greases can be used in continuous contact with metal, and oxygen, at temperatures up to 200°C.

It is strongly recommend using all fluids and greases at the time of receipt, however when storage is necessary, rotate older stock into use first and observe the recommended parameters listed below.


The shelf life Fomblin Y-LVAC, Y-HVAC and LC products is a minimum guarantee of 5 years. As far as the chemical stability is concerned it is over 20 years based on our experience. Within this time frame the Fomblin/Galden products, if stored under normal conditions in the original sealed containers, will maintain their chemical-physical properties unchanged.

Fomblin and Galden samples are retained for 5 years to check and guarantee the conformity to the specifications over this time frame.

Shelf Life of Fomblin Grease is a minimum of 5 years; in this case although there won't be problems in terms of chemical stability there can be oil separation over time, which is normal.

Fomblin Perfluorosolv fluids have a guaranteed shelf life of a minimum of 5 years from date of shipment if stored in the original sealed container at ambient temperatures.

Note Click here for more information on the Klüber Fomblin YVAC 3.

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